What does your shoe say about you .............. - Pink Julep Boutique

What does your shoe say about you ..............

Shoes.  We all need them.  We all have to wear them.  Why don't we all wear the same kind of shoe?  The same style.  The same color.  Wow - that would be boring!  We seek out shoes that fit our mood -- our style.  They make us feel a certain way, and depending upon our mood we choose accordingly.  This pump screams fun!!  It's for the girl who wants to let loose!!  She feels confident to wear such a sparkly pattern.  She wants everyone to notice her in these shoes.  They are attention getters - this girl wants to dominate the conversations.  She wants to make a statement and she will with these for sure!   After all, Cinderella had a little sparkle in her glass slipper too.

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