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Run'ion from the Bunion!

Bunion: A localized, painful swelling at the base of the big toe due to new bone formation. The affected toe is often curved outward.

I have recently met a few bunions.  I've heard of bunions, but never quite met one.  It's a funny little thing with a funny little name.  I asked my 13 year old daughter, "What's a bunion?"  She replied, "I don't know, some type of onion?".  Well, I guess they can be compared to onions since they can cause a woman to cry.   Pardon the pun, but let's peel back like an onion the things I have learned about these bunions.  The women who I have met with bunions are not shy about the bunions.  Almost like a battle wound, they have stories.  I hear how the days of wearing beautiful high heels are over, thanks to the bunion.  Some have admitted to only being able to wear croc like sandals, which lack the aura of fashion.  The surgery for bunions is very painful they all claim, even though none have ever had it.   Each woman would rather live with the challenge of the bunion rather than opting for a surgical fix.   Someone even mentioned a sling-like device they saw on an "As seen on TV" for $19.99 they are considering trying out.  Desperate these women are -- as some even consider stretching the shoes out so they fit the bunion.  Instead of fitting feet in shoes, when you have a bunion you fit the bunion first.  The bunion dominates the shoe.  If the bunion doesn't rub or get touched it's a winner!  I feel for the women with them.  Let's face it, designers are not catering to the feet that bear bunions.  So, I pledge to work with all women who have bunions.  I pledge to help conquer bunions in the world of fashion as best I can.  And as for my feet, all I can do is take notes on what works for them, because I'm not ready to hang up my heels just yet! 

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